Student Services


APRIL 2008

Foundation of the Unit of Handicapped Students


Meeting of the representatives of Handicapped Students Unit (Rectorate Meeting Room)

Meeting with the handicapped students that are having education at our university (Meeting Room of Faculty of Education)

MARCH 2010

Attendance to the 4th Workshop of Non-Handicapped Universities

APRIL 2010

Name change of the unit as Non-Handicapped University

MAY 2010

Arrangement of regulations of our university’s Unit of Non-Handicapped University
Attendance to the Commission of Handicapped Students Meeting at Higher Education Board


Preparation of the introduction poster of the Non-Handicapped University for new students


Meeting held with representatives of the Non-Handicapped Unit to ascertain the new students


Meeting held with representatives of the Non-Handicapped Unit and new students.


Representatives of the Non-Handicapped Unit visited Rectorate Office and Kilis Institution of Handicapped

MARCH 2011

Arrangement of a conference about “Disabled People’s Rights and Making other People Aware of the Disabled” given by Abdulkadir ANAÇ who is the department manager at Prime Ministry Administration for Disabled People.

Attendance to the Non-Handicapped University workshop in Ankara University.


Presentation poster was prepared and distributed to the departments to introduce the unit to the new students.

Change of duty in the unit.


Meeting was held on October 13, 2011 at 12:00-13:00 in Kilis Evi to make acquaintance and to determine the problems that our handicapped students confronted in the semester of 2011-2012.

Support for Handicapped Students in our University

  • There is an academic adviser for handicapped students in every faculty and high school. 
  • Restoration and reformation works continue in the stairs, water closets, elevators and wheelchair ramps of the buildings.
  • Sidewalk and roads in the campus are being restored.
  • Every semester in the beginning time, all the academic staff is informed about handicapped students.
  • Psychological support is given to the handicapped students when needed.
  • In the library, a study room for partially-sighted students will be built up in future.
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